A list of common questions and answers. Please feel free to reach out by DMing us on twitter or click Send Feedback below.


What happens if Fun goes down? Could I still retrieve my wallets?

Is Fun code audited?

What do you use as the seed for account creation?

Why is a seed necessary to create accounts?

What is the relationship between wallet deployer and wallet owner?

What information do I need to set an owner?

If I use a deterministic seed, how can I prevent someone else from claiming that wallet?

What entry point do you use?

How can we guarantee bundler decentralization?

What is the bundler setup?

What oracles do you use for price to get exchange rates on gas payments?

How does your fee model work?

Do you plan to release a public interface where anyone can access & create a FunWallet?

What is the difference between a wallet developer vs an end user?

How do I migrate away from Gnosis SAFE?

How much effort is it to migrate to a FunWallet from EOA?

Can you deterministically create wallets provided by a Hardware Security Module (HSM)?

Does the FunWallet constructor require at least one owner on setup?