Common Errors

A list of Common Errors and how to fix them. Bug found? Email us, DM us on twitter or message full-time developer support provided by Aaron Chew & Caleb Sirak.

Missing these parameters: (uniqueId or uid)

You didn't specify a uniqueId when you created your Fun Wallet. Be sure to specify a uniqueId.

const wallet = new FunWallet({ uniqueId: SOME_UNIQUE_VALUE })

AA21 didn’t pay prefund

Your FunWallet has 0 balance and can't be instantiated. Be sure to specify a sufficient fund amount or send the Fun Wallet funds.

Could not detect network

Your node or RPC specified is likely not working. Make sure your rpc url is working.

Insufficient funds for gas * price + value

You don't have enough funds in your EOA to meet the fund amount you specified. Please add more funds to your wallet or lower the fund amount.