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Version 0.2.5 (05/14/2023)

Offline address generation & improved gas estimation.


  • Ability to calculate the address of a FunWallet linked to a social handle offline. πŸ›œ

  • Features page on the docs. πŸ“œ

  • Get Wallet Address page on the docs.


  • Improved gas estimation by allowing for a greater gas buffer.

  • FunWallets can now use token sponsor on first transaction. πŸ₯‡

Version 0.2.4 (05/04/2023)

Web2 auth, 1-of-N auth, transfer to Twitter handles, gasless transactions & docs revamp.


  • Authorize transactions with social accounts: Twitter, Google, Apple & Discord. πŸ‘€

  • Transfer assets to Twitter handles. Assets are retrievable by accessing the FunWallet with the handle as an owner.

  • Authenticate transactions with 1-of-N authentication types, chosen from EOAs or social accounts.

  • Gasless transactions enabled by our GaslesSponsor class. ⛽️

  • Docs revamp to include above new features + more examples & sections, including FAQ & known bugs. 🐞

  • Default values for all environment configuration variables.

  • Estimate gas.

Version 0.2.0 (03/30/2023)

Release of FunWallet demo, new bundler, and testing network is setup.


  • FunWallet demo πŸ“Ί with Uniswap and token transfer. Wallet demo includes an ability to pay gas in ERC-20 tokens and sponsor gas transactions.

  • Implemented a new bundler system in our SDK to improve transaction processing speed and availability 🏎

  • FunTestNet for users to safely test FunWallet capabilities with high configurability πŸ› 

  • Core SDK Design

  • First-class actions, enabling common transactions (ie transfer, swap, etc.) to be executed directly from the SDK πŸ›©

  • Environment config, allowing users to configure how their transactions interact with the blockchain for greater flexibility and control βš™οΈ

  • General call, enabling on-chain function calls to be made directly from the SDK πŸ“£

  • Auth class, providing a more secure authentication mechanism for users. By obfuscating Auth, customers can include additional forms of authentication in the future πŸ”’

  • WalletConnect support, enabling users to connect to external wallets and interact with our platform seamlessly πŸ–‡

  • Robust error handling, improving the reliability and stability of our SDK πŸ”¦

  • Multitoken Paymaster support for greater flexibility and reduced gas costs for users

Version 0.1.2 (03/10/2023)

Paymaster cleanup, chain names & paymaster bundled transactions.


  • The ability for a FunWallet to give asset authorization to a Paymaster contract πŸ’Έ.

  • Paymaster bundled transactions: Configure your Paymaster contract first, then deploy.

  • The ability to refer to chain IDs with natural language (e.g "ethereum") πŸ—£.


  • TokenPaymaster class: Allow your FunWallet to sponsor gas in any ERC-20 ⛽️.

  • PaymasterSponsor class: Configure your Paymaster contract, add & remove gas users βš™οΈ.

Version 0.1.1b (02/24/2023)

Documentation cleanup, including testing environments and major flows πŸͺ›. No new npm package release.


  • Updated local testing documentation πŸ‘·β€β™€οΈ.

  • Updated all major documentation flows for increased consistency ✨.


  • Chain ID representing FuJi testnet πŸ› .

Version 0.1.1 (02/20/2023)

Consolidated bundler code, updated ReadMe & improved hardhat test infra πŸ§ͺ.



  • Refactored the codebase such that the bundler can support all testing configurations πŸ› .

Version 0.1.0 (02/19/2023)

Our first official SDK launch πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸΎ.


  • Major SDK revamp πŸ•Ά to improve code flow, security & usability.

  • New local test environment πŸ› . Our developers found it frustrating to interact with test faucets, which is why we now seamlessly offer a Fork Environment for development.

  • New Paymaster module πŸ’΅. Our current paymaster enables you to pay for gas with ERC-20 tokens πŸͺ™.

  • New Aave automated EOA withdrawal module 🏎. Automate withdrawal functions on your customer's behalf without taking custody of their assetss.

  • New Transfer Token module ➑. Transfer ERC-20 tokens.

  • New Uniswap module ➑. Swap eth & ERC-20 tokens.

  • New documentation website 🌍. We moved off of Gitbook to provide a richer developer experience. If you have any questions or feedback please Send Feedback or Report an Issue πŸ’ͺ.

  • Full-time developer support provided by Aaron Chew & Caleb Sirak πŸ‘.